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Reporting a Sighting


Cork Bird Report


Reporting a Sighting.

If you are interested in contributing to our knowledge of the birds of Cork please submit your sightings to: colin (at) corkecology.net

Sightings can also be submitted using the form available for download here

These sightings will also be sent on to our national recorder for possible inclusion in Irish Birds , the annual publication by Birdwatch Ireland.

Rare birds seen in county Cork require a description from the finder/observer in order to validate the sighting. The Irish Rare Birds Committee examines and adjudicates on all such records. For information on what species require validation and how to submit a rarity record go to their website to find out more.

The Cork Bird Report.

Since the 1960s bird watchers in county Cork have published sightings of birds seen or heard in the county on an annual or periodical basis under the title 'Cork Bird Report'.

The quality of the print varies considerably from report to report depending on the age of the report and the quality of the original print but all should be legible. For some reports you will need to click 'View' in Acrobat, then 'Rotate View' then 'Clockwise'.

Click on the year to download as a pdf:

1963(1.68MB) 1964(2.08MB) 1965 (761KB) 1966 (2.31MB) 1967 (3.84MB) 1968 (1.26MB) 1969 (1.35MB)

1970 (791KB) 1971 (2.22MB) .....1972-1975 No reports published...... 1976 (3.25MB)

1977 (2.39MB) 1978 (1.76MB) 1979 (931KB) 1980 (2.21MB) 1981 (1.04MB) 1982 (1.16MB)

1983 (1.23MB) 1984 (1.61MB) 1985 (2.18MB) 1986 (to be uploaded) 1987/1988 (9.45MB) 1989 (9.5MB) 1990 (9.8 MB)

1991 (8.2MB) 1992 (8.3MB) 1993(to be uploaded) 1994 (8.5MB) 1995 (9.6MB) 1996-2004(3.7MB)

2005&2006(2.3MB) ......2007-2013 No reports published........

NOTE: If you are using reports downloaded from this site for research/publication please acknowledge this website as a reference.