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Frigatebirds Fregatidae (1)

(Banner photos: Frigatebird (above) by Jonathan Rossouw, (below) by Richard T. Mills)

Frigatebird sp. Fregata sp.
Rare vagrant.
One county record up to end of 2013.

1973 Cape Clear Island, 24th August. This is the first Irish record.

Distribution: Frigatebirds are tropic and sub-tropic in distribution and the speices most like to be seen in Ireland is the Magnificant Frigatebird. This species is distributed on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of America, from California (USA) to Ecuador (including the Galapagos), and from Florida to south Brazil. One relict population breeds at Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. Outside the breeding season it is largely sedentary, with the dispersal of immature and non-breeding individuals. (Birdlife International)