Harper’s Island Wetlands Bird Identification Guide: We have put together a downloadable pdf. It gives a short introduction to the wetland birds of Harper’s Island and has images and descriptions of the birds you are likely to see on a visit to the Wetlands. It is for personal use only and the information in the guide may not be copied or used elsewhere without permission. 

Download here: Harper’s Island Wetlands Bird Identification Guide

Harper’s Island Wetlands Conservation Management Plan 2020-2024: We have developed a conservation management plan for Harper’s Island Wetlands which will guide our conservation work on the island for the next five years.

Download here: Harper’s Island Wetlands Conservation Management Plan 2020-2024

Harper’s Island Wetlands Benthic Faunal and Biomass Assessment  – Autumn 2020: This is a report on the Benthic fauna of the wetlands at HIW. This report presents a valuable baseline study that will inform future conservation actions.

Download here: Benthic Faunal and Biomass Assessment of Harper’s Island Wetlands – Autumn 2020

Harper’s Island Wetlands Butterflies & Moths (2020): This is a report on the butterflies and moths to be found at Harper’s Island Wetlands and contains the results of a survey of the moths during 2019/20.

Download here: Harper’s Island Wetlands Butterflies & Moths (2020)

Harper’s Island Botanical Survey: This report presents the results of a walkover botanical survey of the saltmarsh and wet grassland zones in the Harper’s Island Wetlands, which Tom Gittings carried out in August-September 2018.

Download here: Botanical Survey of Saltmarsh and Wet Grassland Zones 2018

Harper’s Island Farmhouse Bat Survey 2018/19: An excellent report by Dr. Isobel Abbott of Abbott Ecology on the bats of Harper’s Island using the old Farmhouse building.

Download here: Harper’s Island Farmhouse Bat Survey 2018/19